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Keep the faith.

April 8, 2016

Photo on 4-8-16 at 2.24 PM

Love Story:

They love each other.  They are everywhere!  Together.

Huzzah!  They  become intimates.  Yes, that intimate.

One starts looking ‘downright plain,’ the other thinks.

Phone call.  “Well.”  [silence].  “Well?”  [silence]

Answer:  “What?”

Now they are back together!  One speaks of marriage.  The other speaks of…putting his head up his own ass.   Oh, they used to laugh at Archimedes and, of course, he was just bathing.

Now they are apart.  That was 49 years ago.  They got rid of each other, at last.  Well, almost.

They still have each others’ record collections.

They still have their faith in Dog.



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