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Love story

March 29, 2016

Daniel Struckman

March 29, 2016 (about a half hour later)

My story is about boy meets girl of his dreams, loses same.  No.  Boy meets a girl who will walk to school with him, lets him kiss her, but won’t let him get any closer to a sexual relationship than that.  The boy becomes an alcoholic.  Mostly beer, mostly with other high school kids on the basketball team.

Boy breaks up with girl.  Boy drives to visit brother in Oregon.  Learns to smoke marijuana.  Returns from Oregon and picks weeds far and wide about hometown, but fails to find any that can deliver the same high as the stuff in Oregon.  Boy forgets to be an alcoholic after that.

Push ahead 50 years.  Boy is now a doddering old drooler, angry that his dog has lost the ball under the couch for the third time that day.  Actually he doesn’t drool.

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