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Gunther part II

February 9, 2016

Photo on 2-9-16 at 3.47 PM #4

Gunther felt better!

I was wrong when I said Gunther died.

Remember how I told you that Gunther got swallowed by a Grizzly?  Because Gunther could not fit into the bear’s duodenum, he sat in the stomach, thinking.  He had discovered, like so many of you do, that talking and thinking cannot occur at the same time.  So Gunther stopped talking, or whining, or call it whatever you want.  Gunther quit vocalizing.

The grizzly, of course, was on display because people thought he might speak to the anxious crowd.  The crowd expected a talking bear, but they were disappointed.

They got a bear with a bad stomach ache.  Gunther was in there, scratching around inside the bear’s stomach.  The grizzly felt terrible!  He pointed his front paw, with its razor sharp claws, at his belly.

Seeing the distressed grizzly, the zoo keeper telephoned the veterinarian, a doctor who specialized in taking care of sick or injured animals.  She told the veterinarian that the grizzly seemed to have a stomach ache.  And it was getting worse.

The veterinarian put down the phone and she rushed to the zoo.  “Appendicitis,” she said, reaching into her doctor bag for a vial of powerful medicine to put the bear to sleep.

Well, what do you think?  Right!  She found Gunther alive inside the bear, but slimy and frightened.  She was a bit miffed that her diagnosis was incorrect.  But just to be sure, she removed the bear’s appendix.  Then she stitched up the grizzly and recommended several weeks of strict bed rest.

Gunther went home with Daniel and the rest of Gunther’s human family amid much rejoicing.  Everyone wanted to pet Gunther after they cleaned off the slime that he picked up inside the bear.  They gave Gunther treats.

You know what?  Gunther stopped talking, except to speak to the mail carrier.  And Gunther never pooped or peeped in the house, but always outdoors.

That is because Gunther is a GOOD DOG.

He knew in his heart that he was not larger than a grizzly.

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  1. I am glad that Gunther started thinking. And, I am glad that the veterinarian had the powerful medicine, and that the Bear and Gunther were both getting good care. I think the moral to this fable is that sometimes we are wrong about things, and it is good to admit it when we know that we are wrong. That helps get us out of sticky situations and after those we love wipe the slime off, they still like to pet us.:). Also,sometimes the mail-carrier brings junk mail, so it might be a good time to bark a little. Except we must always remember that the mail carrier is just the messenger.

    I should stop talking and start thinking again now.

  2. Funny comment! I watched a film by John Lurie, titled “Fishing with John,” in which some ice fishermen starved and froze to death waiting in vain for a bite. The next episode started with, “I was wrong about the fisherman dying.” I recommend the film. You can get it on Youtube.

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