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Zane and Sandy Spang conduct their Cheyenne Trail Ride in 1998

January 29, 2016

At Sandy and Zane Spang’s Ranch near Ashland, Montana.

Clara Struckman Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998Penny Struckman Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 1Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 2Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 3Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 4Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 5Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 6Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 7Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 8Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 9Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998 10Cheyenne Trail Ride 1998

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  1. Dorothy Bradley permalink

    I am clearing out old files and found two wonderful notes from Sandy Spang, from my time in 1993 in Ashland, working as a teacher’s aid in the public school. Thank you for those wonderful notes. My Ashland experience was a most special chapter in my life, and a huge step in moving on from politics and preparing for the rest of my life. I hope this reaches you. If I have an address, I’ll mail the little book I published last year, which might be of interest.
    I’m still in touch with Jamie Lei Lepisto and Kaaren Rizor. What a joy.
    Dorothy Bradley

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