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A bit of a rant.

January 26, 2016
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Dan Struckman,  foolish ranter.

January 25, 2077

Sixty-one years ago Daniel Struckman sat in his basement where his house used to stand in Billings.  Now?  A pocket park, deep in the heart of Old Billings.  As it is properly called, Old Billings has some of the sites of the original neighborhoods in the Senior High School District.  Of course, Pioneer Park continues to attract many during all of the seasons.  It has it all:  skiing, frisbee golf, tennis, a wading pool.  All of the things that people enjoyed 100 years ago in 1977.  People still walk their dogs in Pioneer Park.

The world of 2077 is better than a hundred years ago in 1977.  For one thing, people feel like dancing in the streets.  For another thing, the problems caused by misanthropy have been abolished.  Hatred and love were discovered, scientifically, about 10 years ago in the 2060s, to be two aspects of the same thing, emotionally and intellectually.

For many years the two, hatred and love, were thought to be polar opposites, but more recently, they have been shown to be two aspects of the same thing.  In other words, identical because of the passionate attachments!

Thus,the opposite of love is not hatred, but apathy, or indifference.

What a revolution in  popular thinking this produced!  After this revelation, it was discovered that apathy could be changed to love (or hate) by stirring it with a powerful feeling, such as fear.  Using standard propaganda, this was seen as eminently achievable, using ordinary methods.  Good results could be engineered!

SO:  In 2016 a more rational approach to government gained foothold when Bernie Sanders was elected President and many Democrats from Northern States took charge of the Senate and House of Representatives.  This helped change the policies of the United States from being guided by unkindness and fear and racism to more humane, and loving diversity;  courage to move forward.  Courage and faith in regular people!

Such courage is also known as progressiveness.  Humaneness is also known also as kindness.  Many religions espouse such.

The fearful, unkind, hating Southern racists have been held under the benevolent control of the more enlightened, better educated, people of the North.  Thus, things are going well.  Everyone benefits.  In 2077.  Even those from the South.

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