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Mom Dad Dog goD daD moM

January 16, 2016

Photo on 1-16-16 at 10.14 AM

I got Gunther up at 7:30, took him directly outdoors where he shivered.  We both shivered. Neither one of us peed outdoors.

We went indoors where I took my meds and he ate and drank.  I sat with him until he whined once, twice.  Then, remembering the advice of Dr. Kate Kilzer, DVM, to take him out after he eats, we went out.

Near the sidewalk, Gunther lifted his left rear leg, dog-style, into the air and peed.  And peed.  Thrilled, nonetheless I worried the puddle of piss would reach his front feet.

Well it did, but with no apparent ill effect.  Then we walked west on the sidewalk about 50 yards, then started back.

Lo!  Gunther pooped some nicely formed turds, which I picked up with a red Gaz bag I’d found when we circumnavigated the block last night.
Good dog.

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