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French Horn Marcher

November 26, 2015

Tom Struckman ~1960

Tom Struckman in the early 1960s in Missoula.  I had recently learned how to open the camera shutter, fire off a flashbulb, then close the shutter.  Worked well at night.

Tom is standing at his version of attention.  Feet parallel and touching at all points, left hand stretched toward ground against trouser leg, horn carried like a football.

The bookcase has a set of encyclopedia Britannica that had once belonged to his Grandpa, Emil G. Struckman.  Emil’s dad fought for the North in the Civil War.

Tom painted the picture above his left shoulder on the wall.  Shows the bookcase with the encyclopedia set and his record player, sitting on a yellow desk.

The couch came from Kalispell.  I eventually sawed it up to fit a 1960 Studebaker Lark VI station wagon.


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