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Depression yields to medicine

November 22, 2015

Photo on 8-17-15 at 3.02 PM

Yesterday my internist increased my dosage of fluoxetine to 40mg/daily.  So far, I had seen scant improvement in my profound sadness.  I have had to basically stay home except to work.  I feel better.  I am so grateful for the improvement.  I realize that depression is not just one person’s malady.  The bummer radiates to all of those in the vicinity.  It sucks.

Today my mood improved so much that I remarked to my wife that something-or-other “was good.”  This stopped me.  Wow, I appreciated something as being good.  Made me almost smile.

The other thing will be further writing.  Oh, the usual fretting about the neurotic things one does fret about, but at least I think I’ll be able to tell you about it.  You reader, you.  You lazy, good-for-nothing reader.  You.  Please read.  I’ll pay you, if necessary, but read!


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