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Working on Russell Rowland’s assignment.

October 15, 2015
Me and Gary.

Me and Gary.

October 14, 2015

Reading Stephen King’s book about writing. Wow, I am encouraged by such a kindly mentor. I vow to mentor others in like manner. He makes writing sound like it is — spontaneous, in a way! My dad taught a high school class in Great Falls in the mid-1940s in which he sponsored a contest called, extemporaneous writing. I think he was onto something there. You know, I didn’t used to think so. I sort of squinted my eyes and tried to make believe I hadn’t seen that when I looked into the 1942, say, “Bison” Great Falls High School Annual. I couldn’t see the use of such a thing, but now it is starting to make sense. Daddy (as we knew him) wrote short stories and sold them. Or tried to sell them. Mostly they didn’t sell, except to Nelson Antrum Crawford at “The Household Magazine.” Mr. Crawford edited the magazine and bought the first story our dad ever sold, a short one titled, “The Hunter.” It was about a child who killed a rabbit with a sling shot and suffered predictable remorse when he saw his prey up close.
We are reading each others’ work in Russell Rowland’s writing workshop group. I am amazed at the variety of writing styles and purposes. And we have just two to critique. Of course, I hesitate to say anything against another’s writing! What if they did that to me? On the other hand, wouldn’t I like to have constructive criticism? Sure I would. Even though I’m not trying to sell any of my work. I’m retired and I don’t need the money!

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