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Susie normally uses her own yard.

September 28, 2015

Real teamwork.

Real teamwork.

Normally Susie uses her own yard, although we discovered four piles on our lawn yesterday, not necessarily hers. This morning I found some on our back steps, presumably where one of us tracked it, then scraped it off on the edge of the step. I swept it. Then broomed the driveway to get the bits off the bristles.

My neighbor children, perhaps 7 and 8 years old, have a slightly hyperactive black labrador, named Susie. I wrote about her before. A few months ago I was up in the night , maybe 3 a.m., walking through our dark house to the back porch when I saw Susie in the dim light wandering around our backyard. The screened windows were open, so I silently walked across the porch until I was within a couple feet of her, then said in an ordinary speaking voice, “Susie, go home.” Surprised, she let out a little “yip” and ran home. Surprised, I gloated. I still do.

Neighbors taking good care of their pet labrador.

Neighbors taking good care of their pet labrador.


I’ve watched the boys walk up and down their yard with bucket, rake, and shovel to pick up after Susie. These brothers are fun! I snapped a picture of them several weeks ago. They were at it again yesterday. Susie was out and about and she didn’t bark at me the way she used to, so I scratched her head all the while requesting that she stay on her own side of the fence. Of course she didn’t.

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