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Nuts. Eggs. 4:55 am.

September 15, 2015
My life and hard times.

My life and hard times.

September 15, 2015 0455

I was cold, hungry, so I got out of bed to eat cereal. Sore, from working on my darkroom perhaps, I took aspirin. Now I have to sit up for a few minutes so I don’t get a stomach ache from the aspirin. You know. Day around here doesn’t start until about 6.
I think of story ideas for this blog. Always something fantastic. Like yesterday I watched a squirrel running down the box elder tree. I wondered if he had an egg, somehow, in his mouth. You know, a smallish egg, like maybe a sparrow egg. Could he have, maybe, bit into the side of the egg and the egg stay together enough that he could carry it with his teeth? Like a teenager biting part way into an apple? I didn’t spend too much time. Do squirrels even eat eggs?
Answer: yes. Squirrels are something like rats and they like a nice, tasty egg. But I don’t know if they hide them. You know, like nuts. I don’t think there are any nuts on our trees. Except the squirrels. Enough. Time for bed.

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