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August 29: newslets.

August 29, 2015


This evening 1: Big Dipper for ice cream. 2: Art House Cinema and Pub for a film about Evel Knievel.
Things that surprised me today: Our house was closed tightly to keep out the heat. I walked to our kitchen and I heard a fairly loud “pop.” I looked out the window expecting to see some sort of crime scene. Nothing. I walked back into the kitchen to see if I heard the sound again. No. Was it from the basement? I looked out the front window. Nothing. Then I saw a woman pushing a bicycle with kid trailer. I went outdoors to the street and asked her if she had just flatted [hip cyclist terminology]? “Yes,” she said, and then spoke a bit more, apologetically, while hurrying onward.
I was 15 minutes early and Gerry Roe was waiting for me at the NOVA theater to coach me in my part in “The Fantasticks.” I was surprised at how much meaning and humor Gerry can infuse into just a few lines of dialog. Wow! I think I have said elsewhere that the audience is in for a treat.

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