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Enough fun for a pharmacist

July 15, 2015

As I posted elsewhere, I worked at the pharmacy yesterday I blamed everything I could dream up, on Curtis, who wasn’t there. Then I had a legit complaint.

A couple Zumba lessons gave me self confidence to teach the ladies the "tango" in Argentina.

A couple Zumba lessons gave me self confidence to teach the ladies the “tango” in Argentina.

Oh, I said I was disturbed by the inappropriateness of the “Bob and Tom Show,” a 3- or 4-hour long comedy talk show that I’ve listened to many times and enjoyed. I just don’t think it is good for everyone who works at the pharmacy, so I performed my usual routine and complained to the boss, Donna. I love to walk down the long hall to her office. How many times have walked that mile to get evaluated only to be found lacking? How many times have I folded my hands on my lap and tried to look deserving of a raise? Pharmacy is hard work! “Yeah! doin’ nuttin,’” an old guy said to me once when I told him I had been too busy to finish his 25 prescriptions in the allotted brief time.
Hard work! I think that you didn’t believe me. You’ve been in pharmacies and where is the action? You might have walked up to the window to hand over a prescription and a bored looking person (clerk? pharmacist? technician?) forced a smile and told you to check back in about 15 minutes or so. As you checked out the toothbrushes, thumbing each one, you glanced back to see the pharmacist staring down at his (or her, more often these days) navel? Counter, anyway. How do they stay awake, you wonder. Do they make pills? Do they fill capsules? No, the pills they dispense were manufactured by Merck or some such. Lilly. Roche. Well, what do pharmacists do? I know and I’m not telling.
But I got off the subject.
I blamed the inappropriate radio programming on the senior pharmacist, of course, Curtis, although I confessed to Donna that personally, I liked it. I even told her the humorous vignette I had just heard on “B&T” about a new pill that vibrates in the gut to induce peristalsis. “Yeah, like a cell phone in your rectum!
“That you’d have to answer in your asshole,” said Tom of the “B&T Show.”
Of course, I chuckled when I heard it. I told Donna that I didn’t want to get Curtis in trouble. Well, yes I did, of course, but that’s not the only reason I complained, other than the joy of complaining at all. I complained because a show like that is not appropriate for employees who may object to the frank sexuality. This could constitute a “hostile work environment.”
Donna will speak with Curtis today about the hostile radio show and ask him to change the station. It is true that I work at one of the best-managed pharmacies of my long career. Inventory control is superb. Every drug is counted every month and excess inventory is sent away. Even though we dispense thousands of prescriptions a day we are geared up for big volume. All the technicians are cross trained to do each others’ jobs. People are nice to each other, mostly. Probably good that I work there just one day a week, most weeks.

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