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What happened to “It’s a Beautiful Day” post

May 7, 2015


I deleted my blog post “It’s a Beautiful Day” because my attempt to be “cute” and “funny” concerning our church choir flopped. It [phone rings, I answer–a voice congratulates me that I have been selected to receive a free… I hang up] hurt our director’s feelings. I read the post again. Not cute, not funny, it had a mocking, unkind, sarcastic tone. I moved the post to the site’s trash bin. No great loss there. The worst thing I have written. No, I have written worse. I remember things and, yes, I still cringe.
I need an editor to review my posts prior to publishing. Thanks to the hurt looks I received, I have been brought to my senses. I had forgotten, temporarily, that words can injure, even kill. Words can be interpreted differently than how they were meant, no matter how innocently they were written. I am sorry I wrote them.

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