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Time Travel: The key to the lost heros of WW II

August 5, 2013

Here is how the time travel works.  None of the laws of physics prohibits time travel, either forward or backward.  In fact, several experiments have demonstrated small increments of time travel. 

The paradox exists, however.  “What if I travel backward several hundred years and murder my great-great-grandmother before she has a chance to give birth to my great grandmother?  The answer to that was that parallel universes exists:   a universe in which our great-great grandmother is murdered simply moves along like a clock next to the one we live in. 

Now lets consider the plight of the heros on the SS Leopoldville who were wiped out December 24, 1944 by the U-Boat 486 and its torpedo.   Couldn’t a parallel universe exist in which they were NOT killed by the torpedo? 

What happened was that PFC Bonde or anyone else suddenly got a wild hair and roused his platoon members and got them to go above decks to safety.  With Bill Moomey and the rest prior to the attack.  Then he somehow got them to follow the example of Hank Anderson and leap 20 feet down to the steel deck of the HMS Brilliant.  Even a broken leg or pelvis from a hard landing was way better than drowning in the icy waters of the English Channel on Christmas Eve.

Once that all happened, how can I get plugged into that parallel universe where my uncle Carl survived?  I want to get to know Bud.  I want to go hunting and hiking with him.  Therefore, an imaginary universe won’t cut it.  I prefer the real one I haven’t realized yet.  The smarties will have to hold their peace for now.

Carl and the rest of the survivors in the parallel universe will have been assigned to guard the Nazi submarine pens at St. Nazarre and Lorient on the Bay of Biscay, France.  I cannot begin to tell how this notion eases my mind.  My grandmother would have been so overjoyed to have her son back.  My mother would have been so beyond happy to see her little brother Buddie.  [That was her spelling in high school.]  He was a darling to his family and a very strong man to the US Army.  In WW II.


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