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Hank Anderson, WW II survivor of the SS Leopoldville, Dies

May 13, 2013

September 25, 2012 at 6:37 PM


The late Bill Moomey mailed me a letter telling of Hank Anderson’s death.  He noted that this sort of thing is bound to happen more and more often.  I am planning to write a letter to Mary, his widow, offering my condolences. Hank meant a great deal to me for a number of reasons.  He was a tall man like me, who got in trouble with his Army command for acting decent, like a person ought to.  Like I did.  He said that he remembered my uncle Carl, and he told me lots of stories.  His crowning achievements always involved behaving like the Presbyterian minister he became.  Hank truly made me feel like a member of his group of Army buddies.  Example:  Immediately after the war ended Hank was supposed to intimidate the Germans as a member of the US “Elite Constabulary,” but instead of frightening an old German woman, Hank removed his pistol belt and ammunition, placed them to one side, and spoke with the woman as one person to another.  Of course this got him in plenty of trouble!  He was escorted from the premises as a prisoner himself by a Military Policeman, the placed under arrest!  Hank not only told me about this, but he said this made him the most proud!  His commanding officer had him released without punishment or charges within a day or two.  I told Hank in turn about my arrest when I was in the Marines during Vietnam.  Hank said he was proud of me.  I told the same story to Randy Bradham, another from Buddy’s Company E.  Randy said I should have been shot.


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