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Carl R. Bonde lived at several addresses in Kalispell

March 8, 2013

This is a breakthrough in my quest to reacquaint myself with my heroic uncle Bud who died in the English Channel Christmas Eve, 1944, one of the 763 US soldiers killed outright by the U boat torpedo or drowned when their ship sunk.

The breakthrough:  I discovered the negative images of photographs that my Aunt Corinne Bonde Ackley asked me to take in 1997 when we drove up and down the streets of Kalispell, Montana.  These photographs were images of the various houses her family rented in the 1920s, 30s and 40s in Kalispell.

Buddy continues to become more real to me.  I have some other avenues to try:  I plan to visit the Kalispell public library to view several high school yearbooks during the years Bud was in high school.  Perhaps I can follow some leads there.  

I visited France at Cherbourg where Bud died 5 miles out on the channel.  I also want to visit England, specifically Camp Piddlehinton, Dorchester, and Southampton.  Bud spent his last weeks at those places before receiving orders to France.

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