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This post is about drug use.

December 12, 2021

December 12, 2021

Excited to be mid-December.  Legal marijuana in Billings Montana is but a couple weeks away!  A dear friend asked me why I spent six months in jail in my youth, back in 1969.  Drugs?  No.  I hit my commanding officer in the jaw.  Another friend thought that would suit my character.  Okay.  The appeals court said I should not have been punished.

Trouble with pot:  kicks the bricks out of my ability to keep up a conversation (a strength of mine).  My personality is my greatest strength, even if it is superficial.

Trouble with wine:  habit forming.  Kicks me into bed after a few glasses.  Destroys my ability to be anything but BORING after a few glasses.

I’m hoping to cope with a combination of pot and wine.  Not too much of any one drug.

The drug I like best is acetaminophen (Tylenol) because it has minimal side effects and helps my pain and my ability to sleep.  I’m thinking the CBD might be a nice alternative to the activating THC in pot.  Stay tuned.  I think the mellowing effect is good, but subtle.

Drug use for those such as me is ingrained.  Also, I’m a retired pharmacist, so I have an attitude toward acceptance when it comes to drugs.  Opiates?  Good for post-op pain or terminal cancer.  Otherwise, I’m not wanting any.  A dead-end.  Plus it has mild addictive properties.  

Speed?  Don’t get me started.  Speed kills.  I think that’s enough information about that.

Nicotine?  I think that’s a drug to be shunned.  If one is already addicted, one needs to try to taper off.  I did, and it took me a year.  I still have nightmares.

Straight talk about drugs?  Good luck.  Your own experience might be the best counsel.

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  1. Blaine Ackley permalink

    Good post, Dan. This kept me laughing. As you may recall, I am a Tylenol man too, once in the morning and once at night plus the tincture of CBD/ THC for a restful night.

    I think the wine / marijuana intersection will be tough to negotiate so I wish you well in those experiments.

    I am going to send you an enjoyable read. It is historical fiction about the fall of the Shah and the rise of the Islamic Republic written by a former ambassador.

    Be well and give Penny a kiss for me, B

    Best wishes, Blaine Sent from my iPad


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