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Do you Rinse your Sinuses?

November 17, 2017


Most mornings, Gunther and I walk the alley behind our house to get him ready for the day.  The alley is always interesting.  I’m torn between my natural neatness and the limit of my disinterestedness whether to pick up garbage.  Such as the box of sinus rinse packets—the size of restaurant salt packets— 200 count, spilling its contents–apparently all 200–near a dumpster.  That was Sunday.

Of course Gunther attacked the problem for me, nosing into the packets.  This alarmed me because he is apt to eat offal or anything else he finds.  Fortunately he didn’t seem to eat any.  But its hard to tell.  I mused that the former owner of the sinus rinse packets had a Nettiepot, or some such, and didn’t like it.  Or else the owner left the marriage and went back to her mother and the tragic husband dashed the unused box of packets on the ground.  Likely scenarios, I thought.

Monday I scooped up most of the 200 packets off the muddy ground into its box and dropped them in the dumpster.  Must have been 20 or 30 left, but I decided to do a half-ass job.  Because I can, I thought.

However, I examined one of the “NeilMed Sinus Rinse Made in USA The ‘Original & Patented’ Sinus Rinse(TM)” packets.  I dropped a few more into the dumpster.  Sure enough, the box I had put in the day before was still there.

Today I took a packet home.  A souvenir.  Of the alley walk.

Gunther and I walked past the two labradors that always bark ferociously and hurl their bodies against the chain link fence.  Long time ago, he would have been afraid of the dogs, but now he rushes the fence barking, or I should say yapping.  Then he prances away with pride.

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